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Do you have old photos that need "repairs"?

We take old photos that are cracked, torn, spotted, stained, moldy, discolored, etc. and restore them to "like new" condition. We specialize in genealogy-related photos - those that display ancestors or other damaged photos.

We started by repairing photos from our own photo albums and genealogy records then were asked to do the same for old photos of friends and relatives. We realized that there are thousands of photos out there that can be salvaged rather than discarded.

We prefer photographs that are already in digital file format - i.e.: .JPG photos, but we *can* work directly from old prints - but must first convert them ("copy") into a digital format. Thus we charge more if the photo isn't already in digital format. A copy store or other business supplies or service companies like Staples, OfficeMax, Office Depot can inexpensively copy your old photo into a digital file format which you could then send (email) to us for "repair".


You will find that our repair services are not expensive

Actually, you could repair your own photos - but you need "top of the line" photo editing software, possibly years of training and experience, and the willingness to put hours of effort into repairing each photo (like we do).

Given the many hours we spend removing tears, scratches, fold marks, stains, mold, etc. then blending the repairs so that they seamlessly merge with original parts of the photo, we could easily charge more than we do.

But we are geneaology and history enthusiasts, we are retired and we enjoy working with digital photos knowing that we are helping salvage otherwise-ruined photographs.


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